TUFS Open Language Resources

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  1. Basic vocabularies and example sentences in 24 languages (Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Turkish, Mandarin Chinese, Burmese, Thai, Lao, Vietnamese, Khmer, Malay, Indonesian, Tagalog, Arabic [Standard, Syrian], Urdu, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese [Brazilian, European], Russian)
    PostgresSQL database backup file (pg_dump file), mp3
    CC-BY 4.0
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    Kawaguchi, Yuji. 2007. Foundations of Center of Usage-Based Linguistic Informatics (UBLI). In Yuji Kawaguchi, Toshihiro Takagaki, Nobuo Tomimori and Yoichiro Tsuruga (eds.) Corpus-Based Perspectives in Linguistics, 3-28. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
    1. TUFS Language Modules (Vocabulary)
    2. TUFS Asian Language Parallel Corpus (TALPCo)
    3. Open Multilingual Wordnet (OMW)
  2. Forthcoming